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      This page will not be completed.  The website will be moving to a permanent home. However, when it is moved, it will include entire copies of the Wildlife, Leadership, Ag Mechanics and possibly Horticulture.  It will also include speeches and other useful materials.

How do I work better with my friends, classmates, family, and officer team?  Everyone wants to be the best that they can be.  Sometimes we forget that other people think, believe, feel, and function completely different than us.  Why?  Because everyone has a different personality.  Is it the way people are born or something they learn growing up?  Believe it or not, both.  Your genetic and psychological background both play major roles in who you are.  Understanding why you are the way you are is the first step to understanding others.  I've done countless workshops that start with you evaluation yourself before you could be taught to understand others.  Even Jesus said that in his famous Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) (Matt. 7:3-5 specifically).  So learn a little about yourself.  Take the personality quiz below.  This isn't a fruity made up quiz either.  A world renowned psychologist developed it and it takes less time to take it (about 3 min.) then it does to read everything it will gather about you.  There will be several different results to choose from, but I recommend the: EFSJ type description by J. Butt and M.M. Heiss.  I can't promise it will solve all your problems with your friends and family, but it will give you a lot of insight to your own thought process.  If you get other people to take it, you'll be able to understand them much better too.

Click here to take the Jung Typology Test

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