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This is the Marbury FFA Chapter's Constitution that governes all actions taken by Marbury FFA.

 Marbury FFA Constitution

Adopted on:

February 25, 2009
Article 1: Name

The name of this chapter is the Marbury FFA chapter.


Article 2: Purpose and Goals

I.     Our purpose is to enhance other’s knowledge and involvement in agricultural pursuits.

       Our Goals are to teach agricultural fundamentals to students and further their knowledge of opportunities that the FFA offers.

       The Marbury FFA chapter is a participant of a greater organization, The National FFA Organization.

II.  The Marbury chapter abides by and supports Marbury High School policies, as well as state and federal laws.


Article 3: Membership

Anyone attending Marbury High School, grades 8-12, is eligible for membership. As a member, one is required to pay chapter, state, and national dues and work towards the betterment of our organization.


Article 4: Officers

Election of officers will be judged in three areas:

1. Application

2. Written Test

3. Interview


For a member to become an officer, he/she must be in an Agriscience course and maintain a grade average of a “C” or better. The term of office will be one semester. The first term elections should be held promptly after the beginning of the school year. The second term elections should be held promptly after the start of the second semester.


I. Officer Duties:



1.              President

       Preside over all meetings

       Represent the FFA in campus activities

       Ensure that the all chapter activities conform to the standards set forth by Marbury High School and the National FFA Organization

       Maintain communication with our advisor

2.              Vice President

       Preside over meetings in the absence of the president

       Schedule meetings/events with appropriate offices

3.              Secretary

       Maintain an accurate record of all Marbury FFA meetings

       Maintain a record of membership

4.              Treasurer

       Maintain an accurate record of all monetary transactions

       Collect dues

       Assist in arranging fundraising opportunities


5.              Reporter

       Inform the school and/or the general public of chapter activities and events

       Handle all matters of publicity for the chapter

6.              Sentinel

       Ensure that all students are welcomed and invited to FFA events

       Assist in maintain order during meetings

7.              Chaplain

       Promote spiritual growth throughout the chapter

8.              Parliamentarian

       Share information about parliamentary law when needed

       Guarantee that every member’s opinion will be voiced and the majority will prevail

9.              Historian

       Maintain a record of chapter achievements

       Encourage and assist members in producing a chapter scrapbook

10.       Advisor

       Maintain communication and meet with officers regularly

       Decide upon financial expenditures

       Ensure that the Marbury FFA chapter is operating in conformity with the standards set forth by Marbury High School and the National FFA Organization




II. Officer Removal


If at any time an officer is found to be participating in any inappropriate behavior he/she may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the remaining officers.

In the event of this occurrence, the officer team should hold an interview to replace the removed officer before the next meeting.


Article 5: Finances

The finances should be handled by the treasurer and the advisor. However, the advisor should be the only person responsible for withdraws and deposits.


I.                             Dues

Members of the Marbury FFA chapter are responsible for paying dues by the set deadline (both cost and deadline should be set by the advisor and are subject to change.)


Article 6: Amendments and Ratifications

Amendments to this constitution should only be made during a chapter meeting.