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Sentinel: Charlotte Walker

Personal Biography
     I got started in FFA in the 8th grade when I took the exploratory ag class. I became my class president which sparked my interest in being a chapter officer. This year I plan on being on the Parli Pro Team. I love being in the FFA because of all the opportunities that it offers, and friendships it inspires. I am always having a great time in the FFA. It has filled my life with laughter and great memories.

     The Sentinel is the officer that welcomes both members and non-members to meeting and other events.  He is living proof that the officer team strives for unity and brotherhood among all the members.  His symbol is the shield of friendship which is a picture of shaking hands.  Shaking hands is a ritual dating back to the middle ages!  It is a sign of respect and friendship, much like the sentinel himself.

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